Designing the Future by Redesigning our Roles

The future of the design industry as we currently know it is at risk with the rise of technology that renders jobs, roles, and processes obsolete. The counterpoint is also true, where the status-quo is hindering change for the greater good. What does the future look like for designers in this new era of profound and rapid change? What is the true value of design when practiced by humans and machines? Can we create a new path forward that merges the best of humanity, nature, and technology? This talk will explore and expand the role of “Designer” within this context, as the future will need Eco Hackers, JEDI Facilitators, Tech Synthesizers, and Experience Makers.
Please complete the following information to proceed to the Designing the Future by Redesigning our Roles CEU.
Which job title is NOT a future design role?

What is a definition that describes being relatable?

Which one is NOT a driver of change impacting the future role of designers?

Which skill is needed most for Bio-Fabricators?

Which attribute does NOT support designing for community?

Which role will build relationships between people and space?

How is time helping make people healthier?

Which way is not mentioned to Hang on to our Humanity?

Which driver of change looks at wellness and longevity?

Which future role will use generative design?