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Disinfection is defined as achieving a kill rate of what percent of bacteria and other disease carrying micro-organisms?

As far as vacuuming carpet in healthcare facilities, it’s important to

Which of the following are common pathogens in a healthcare setting:

What percent of Healthcare Acquired Infections are due to Bacteria and associated pathogens

Which of the statements below are true?

Which of the following is NOT TRUE about flooring in a healthcare setting?

Which of the following is not a recommended practice for proper maintenance of carpet?

For resilient floors, cleaning should occur a minimum of once a day, depending on the application, type of traffic and hours of operation; and stains and spills should be wiped or mopped up immediately with a damp mop using a neutral pH cleaning solution.
What does “HAI” stand for?

Which of the factors below should be considered when selecting flooring for a healthcare environment?