Made of Water OnDemand

Water is essential for all life and is nature’s currency. As humans, we have been influencing and managing the capital of water for our own benefit and survival. But not all water is the same. Beyond this, we have reached a new era in the Anthropocene where there are critical challenges and instability to water supplies. These factors put tremendous stress on our natural ecosystems, and we have an urgent need to redesign how we interact and utilize water in order to survive, as well as to enjoy the benefits of water in all aspects of our lives. It’s up to us to be efficient and resourceful stewards of water. So how can we be inspired to think of water as a precious resource, and use the power of design to solve issues of climate change and social equity? Only we can ensure that water will be clean, healthy, and available for generations to come. By looking at examples from the past and present, as well as speculations for the future, we can tell our water story. What is your water story?
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Which strategy exemplifies water urbanism?

According to the World Health Organization, what percent of the population will be water-stressed by 2025?

Designers are using which strategy to design with water?

Which activities did the Ancient Greeks use Hydria?

How do Fog Catchers work?

Scientists believe that glaciers could disappear by 2035.
The three states of water are solid, liquid, and vapor (gas).
Which step is NOT a part of the water cycle?

Seasteading is a dwelling at sea that provides sustainable housing.
We must conserve water in reservoirs so that more is available for natural resources.